◜PFC◞Pain Free Containers

An agnostic container engine toolset — successor to DOCK
runs on:
works with:

Docker, Podman, FreeBSD jails, hypervisors & cloud APIs.

  • Why do you not go through Kickstarter or similar platforms?

    For now, we decided against it due to several factors: lack of relevant audience, general discontent of these platforms for their users (both donors and the those raising funds) and jurisdictional restrictions. While those are not decisive factors, it is somewhat important as some of our developers live in places that are hard to send money to via traditional banking system without jumping through a lot of hoops and losing time and money in the process. We asked around and it sounded like all those platforms generally kick donors out the door with their claims even when the product isn't delivered. At least we'll be able to return money fast (if you can make that leap of faith and trust us).

  • Why are all developers anonymous?

    We decided to keep it this way for now due to several factors: lack of relevant audience and protecting our collaborators identities. As it was mentioned above, some reside in places which currently remain ‐ either politically and/or economically ‐ under international pressure. To name a few: Southeast Asia region, The Middle East, Eastern Europe. None of us are in any way associated with any political party, government institution or hold any strong political opinions apart from a very simple one: we all want peace and we all despise war, oppression and human suffering. While this project may not help those causes directly, we hope it will find its way through other people's ingenuity and creativity to do so.

  • Do you have a non-profit entity?

    No. There is no need to, in our opinion. Even on Kickstarter, when you're delivering an "art" project which is made available to all, and not just to donors, the donations can be reported as gifts. We'll be exploring this issue further and shall any tax implications arise, they will surely be addressed.

  • Are you planning to form an entity?

    It depends. Currently no. Our goal is to deliver a free and open-source product under the BSD-licence that will work without much maintenance. A lot of Unix utilities managed to accomplish that and we see no reason why it cannot happen in our case given our choice of languages and technologies we work with. All we need is a bit of time funding.

    We may decide to either form a non-profit or a for-profit or continue the funding rounds depending on what our users may want. We have a few things we believe may sell well, but it's too early to tell. Let's build the core first.

  • How shall we trust you?

    The author of DOCK, who delivered his product for free during the most difficult time, and received almost no donations — shall serve as a guarantor. To confirm, please find his contact information at his website.

    While he also chose to stay anonymous, we'd like to point out that we had learned this person isn't rich and was delivering his product at some personal costs. A product that works and works great, as we were able to experience ourselves.

    He was also smart enough to recognize he won't be able to pull off everything on his own. And so, slowly and carefully, this small team of collaborators formed.