◜PFC◞Pain Free Containers

An agnostic container engine toolset — successor to DOCK
runs on:
works with:

Docker, Podman, FreeBSD jails, hypervisors & cloud APIs.


The main donation method for is currently Bitcoin.
All BTC donations are to be made to this address 39JPnQUJceXWPbYxRpB1PErJeww5FqhvVa

You shall find our detailed development plan on the FUNDING GOALS & SCHEDULE page.

Alternative donations methods

They aren't a problem at all: WE DO ACCEPT other crypto-currencies, PayPal and international wire-transfers.
Kindly contact us and ask for instructions.

Donor privileges

The donors are to receive personal frequent updates via email. Premium (>= $1000) donors will also be granted access to close mail-lists we're going to use as our major means of communication.

More importantly, we'll make the features available to them faster (with a slight delay to the rest of the world) and some premium features will ONLY be available to larger donors (>= $1000). For questions about the latter feel free to email, but we'll only reveal those after you at least make a smaller donation. To prove you're the sender, you'll need to sign the message with your private key with which you'd be sending funds (easily done through most Bitcoin wallets) or contact us beforehand and let us know of the specific amount you're sending (or request a different bitcoin address).

Please don't hesitate to contact us in case you're planning on making a substantial donation and, perhaps want to request a specific feature in return that might not have been listed in our schedule.